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  • No team check in is required

  • Teams will print out their official team roster from Sports Affinity for each match

  • Teams will provide either printed or digital player cards

  • Before each game, the referees will check your team in with your player cards and team roster.



  • Recreational Teams are defined as teams that do not hold tryouts and have not cut players.

  • The maximum number of active players on a team’s roster is 14 for 10U and 18 for 12U

  • A maximum of 4 Guest Players are allowed for all age groups.

  • Guest Players may not be select players of any level.

  • Players may only play on one team during the tournament.


  1. GEORGIA SOCCER RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR YOUTH LEAGUE PLAY (1.01) Modifications to the Laws of the Game for recreational team games are used during this tournament, except where they are in conflict with published tournament rules. Of particular note is the playing time participation rule:

• players are encouraged but not required play one half of each half, including overtime.

• 10U and 12U goalkeepers are not required to play equal amounts in the goal and on the field

  1. The listed home team will wear light colored jerseys and socks. The listed visiting team will wear dark colored jerseys and socks. (The team in the incorrect color will change.)

  • We encourage you to bring both light and darks sets of uniforms the field

  1. A number is required and should match the number on the Roster.


  • 50 minutes (25 min halves)

  • Half Time - 10 minutes for all matches


  • Two Groups of 3, round robin play on Saturday (two games each).

  • Sunday, 1st of Group A plays 1st of Group B in the final.

  • Sunday, 2nd of A plays 2nd of B; and 3rd of A plays 3rd of B in consolidation games.


  • Each team will be awarded points as follows:

  • 3 points for a win

  • 1 points for a tie

  • 0 points for a loss


  • 3 points maximum per game


  • At the end of the round robin games, the group winner shall be the team with the most points in their division. In the event of a tie within a division, the following criteria shall be used to determine the winner.

  • A. Head to head competition. In the event of a tie among more than 2 teams, this criterion will not be used.

  • B. Most wins.

  • C. Greater goal difference, with a maximum of +4 and a minimum of –4 for any one game.

  • D. Least number of goals allowed. There is no limit on the number of goals that will be counted to determine the tiebreaker.

  • E. Goals scored, maximum of 4 goals per game.

  • F. Kicks from the mark.


  • If more than two teams are tied, the sequence will be followed beginning at 2B, until a team is eliminated. If 2 teams remain, the tie shall be broken by repeating the above elimination procedures beginning with Step 2B.


  • Overtime will be played in case of a draw at the end of regulation time in the final matches. The overtime will be played in its entirety. No coin toss is required. The teams will face goals and kick off in the first and second overtimes as they did in the first and second halves.The duration of overtime will be as follows for all age groups:

  • One 10-minute overtime period with teams exchanging ends after 5 minutes and a 2-minute interval.

  • If no goals are scored during overtime play, FIFA kicks from the mark will apply in order to determine a winner. Only players on the field at the end of the second overtime period are eligible to participate in the FIFA kicks from the mark.

  • Player participation rules apply to overtime periods


  • Each team will participate in each of its scheduled games.

  • All teams will present an official team roster to the referee before each game.

  • The home team will wear light colored jerseys and socks. The visiting team will wear dark colored jerseys and socks. If there is a conflict, the team in the incorrect color will have to change.

  • The home team, the first team listed on the schedule, will provide the game ball for all games.


  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators. Physical violence, foul and abusive language, harassment of the players or referees will not be tolerated.

  • The referee oversees the field and adjacent areas from the time the referee arrives at the game site until the referee departs.

  • Teams will stay on one side of the field while the spectators stay on the other.

  • All spectators, coaches and sideline players must be clear of the touch line between the corner and the 18-yard extension for the penalty box.


  • No protests are allowed.

  • Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Tournament Committee be responsible for any expenses (including tournament entry fee) incurred by any team. This includes a situation where the Tournament or any game is canceled in whole or in part.

  • Entry fees are non-refundable once entries close Refunds will be made if the tournament is cancelled due to weather or Acts of God, but approximately one half of the entry fee will be retained.

  • The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of the rules shall be final.

  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to this Tournament.

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